Matt Duffin explores the themes of solitude and irony through highly detailed and moody encaustic wax paintings. He uses the stark contrast of extreme light and shadow, as well as strong compositional strategies to enhance his implied narratives, creating works that are simultaneously dark and humorous.

Matt Duffin’s aptitude for perspective and drawing was honed during his years at the University of Houston, Texas, where he earned a degree in architecture. In 2013, his painting Backflow was used for the cover art on the German edition of Farther Away by Jonathan Franzen, published by Rowohlt. His work has appeared in Artnews, The Morning News, NYArts Magazine, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Elephant Magazine (London), The Sacramento Bee, Studio Visit Magazine, Communication Arts Illustration Annual and Zyzzyva, among other publications. Matt Duffin’s paintings can be found in numerous public and private collections including: Roll International, Progressive, and the Crocker Art Museum. He is represented by Arden Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts, Koelsch Gallery, Houston, Texas, George Billis Gallery, Los Angeles, California, and Stewart Gallery, Boise, Idaho.